Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen


When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?


Not sure I want to go back to that time era, it was one of such mystery and intrigue. Being a teenager in the 70’s was like watching a really bad theatre production. Tacky costumes, with the actors swaying back and forth.


With the emphasis on swaying back and forth.

To be honest, I don’t think I thought too far ahead at that age. I know that sounds a bit blonde, and that also disappeared a long time ago, but really, I don’t remember thinking about that or planning ahead.

I have been doing various forms of art my whole life, so I imagine my thoughts were about being an artist, and just doing my thing.

The way my life is now? Yes it’s a good thing, I’m headed down a new path of discovery, and I have a family that loves and supports me. I’d say that’s a very good thing.


Peace baby, and have a great day. :0)

About Marilyn Davies

Over the years I have done painting and drawing, pottery and rock sculpture. I was lucky enough to have taken a weekend workshop with George Rammell, at the Brackendale Art Gallery. It was very inspiring to hear him speak about his passion for his craft. Working with fabric, has always been part of my life. I love colour and working with different textures. Distressing, painting, and adding embellishments is a great deal of fun for me. I've always loved the thought of creating something completely different. “Wearable Art”, is one of the things that intrigues me these days. A piece of clothing I have altered in some way, a pair of shoes I have painted, or bracelets I have created from vintage buttons and beads. I also love creating coin purses that are different and unusual. Using upcycled fabric is very important to me. The coin purses and handbags I create are all made from clothing or fabric remnants I purchase from thrift stores. It's very important to me to”reuse”, wherever possible. I write short stories, some will make you laugh, while others will make you go hmm...its a great way to let the world know what makes me tick. I have been around cats my whole life, they are the inspiration for the cartoon cats I draw and paint. 'Beanie”, is the fat orange cat we live with, he spends his days with his dog Molly, our little Westie. Any cat lover will tell you, “it is never dull living with a cat”. Their nature is one of whimsy and sarcasm, we love it. I share the castle, with Paul my husband. He supports my endless ventures in art, and has the coffee machine on when I get home from work .In short....... I will post stories, photos, random info of the day and other dribble I think you should know :0) Stay tuned...

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