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The prairies is the best place to be, you can dress funny and only the animals will laugh at you. :)

Prairie Christmas Past



This isn’t a fashion blog or an advertisement for home and garden, if it were I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make the short list.

Christmas on the prairies was warm, fuzzy and completely chaotic, (in a good way).

My sister and I would go to bed early to lessen the wait, and of course wake up before dawn so we could be the first ones under the tree. I remember something about having to wait for the rest of the family, so more than likely we made enough noise for this to happen.

I have memories,  surreal and silly; like the time my oldest sister thought it was a good idea to sample every chocolate in the box by poking her  finger nail in the bottom, then turning it over so no one noticed.


Candy canes on the tree, angel hair ( I thought the name was stupid) and the old fashioned lights that got hot enough to burn the tree down.

8104f4faab0133ae215c40a82aad806d  brach-s-12-peppermint-candy-canes_29068701d26079a43bdbdecc1cde5265ebf31172

One Christmas my mom thought it would be cute if all three of us girls got matching sweaters.  It was probably ok at the time, I remember taking the end of one of the tassels and sticking it up my nose; even back then I had loads of class.


Matchy-Matchy Sisters

Growing up on the prairies many of our gifts were ordered from the Eaton’s catalogue; we loved looking through the colorful pages, pretending to pick anything we wanted.

One Christmas I picked out a small Charlie Brown doll. He was my main man, I loved him, cartoons hung on my bedroom wall I had drawn.

7ohxog4fz4cvhwtppfmo9a-smallThe order office did not have Charlie in stock, so thought it would be ok to substitute Lucy. NOT!

il_340x270-831336471_k7d7I remember being so devastated I pulled off her arms and legs and colored her face with crayons.

How could they think it would be ok?

There are certain icons you just don’t mess with.

Even as a kid I knew how mean and nasty she was and wanted nothing to do with her.


Cardboard and masking tape were my friend, I was always making something. Our house didn’t have a fireplace, so I made my own by covering a cardboard form with crepe paper that looked like brick.


I remember being so proud of the job I had done, despite the size being no bigger than about  two and a half feet tall.

Dreaming was always a way of creating.




When we turned ten we got a watch for Christmas.


I still have it

Then there was the year my sister and I got radios…matching radios. I still remember that morning, tired and bleary-eyed, wow.

img_1192    img_1193-copy

Whatever your memories, pick a good one.



I sewed the ugly purple/white stripped house coat


Daily Prompt: The Natural World


Describe your first memorable experience exploring and spending time in nature. Were you in awe? Or were you not impressed? Would you rather spend time in the forest or the city?

Photographers, artists, and poets: show us NATURE.

I would defiantly spend time in nature. As a matter of fact, if we lived in the country, ( we will some day ), I’d be hard pressed to go anywhere.

I was raised on a farm, the best place in the world for a kid to grow up. There were always places to explore, flowers to pick, trouble to get into. Yes, believe it or not, I was a little rascal from the start.

I can remember a forest of fir trees on our property. There was a small gravel road we used to walk down with trees on either side. It was heaven, for me as a little kid. We used to have wiener  roasts on the road, mum would spread out a blanket and we’d enjoy just being outside among the trees and birds.


That’s me in the blue, with my hotdog roasted black, like my dad liked it.

When I was about five or six we moved to another farm. To this day I still remember walking through the pasture land and this is what I saw.


A sea of yellow, it was breath-taking, and I’ve always wanted to go back.

Daily Prompt: The Journey- To the Farm And Back


Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.

Well here I am back from the dead…. so it seems. In early March I got news I had to travel home to help look after my mum, who had broken her ankle. My mind was whirring with a million things, from getting my car ready for the long journey, to wondering how my mum is going to make it through this challenging time.

The trip I took was physical and emotional, I enjoyed driving through  B.C and Alberta, and finally reached Saskatchewan.


It’s hard not to look like a geek when taking your own pic.

I stayed overnight in Regina with my sister and her husband. Plenty of activity in their backyard.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 054

Snowmen just seem to love living here.

I was really happy to finally get to Yorkton to see my mom. She was still in the hospital at that point, but she was so happy to see me.


I stayed on the farm for about two weeks, driving in every other day to visit her. I would take my lunch in and we would have a “picnic” at bedside while she ate her hospital food. She insisted that it really did taste quite good, and actually, it didn’t look half bad. We would play cards each day, she always looked forward to doing that.

Back on the farm… I have not seen this much snow since I was a kid.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 067Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 136

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 081

..and plenty of glorious, prairie sunshine.

My trip back was an interesting one. I stopped to say hi to the giant moose in Moose Jaw,Saskatchewan.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 051Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 052

Some things just grow really big here.

I took a different route through Alberta and encountered some interesting sights along the way.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 172

“Pinto MacBean”, Bow Island , Alberta.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 188

..and no shortage of beautiful mother nature.

My journey was a good one, I love driving down roads I’ve never been. Now that I’m home, it’s just one surprise after another….

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Happy Birthday Dad


This post is all about my dad, he would have been ninety years old today.


My dad was a farmer his whole life, and helped my mom raise five kids, the rest is history as they say. I think some of his happiest times, were when he was out in the field working the land, he loved that so much.

Untitled 1

As kids, I remember my mom saying he could have been a weather man, because he could look at the sky and tell what was going to happen.

When he was much younger he played the violin, I remember how wonderful the music sounded. He only stopped later in life when his hands became so arthritic, it became difficult to carry on.

Untitled 4

He even played in a band, they did weddings as well as other engagements.

Untitled 3

He married the most wonderful woman in the world, my mom.

Untitled 2

He looked so happy and proud, as did my mom. They had their whole life ahead of them.

My dad has been gone six and a half years now, he suffered from Alzheimer’s.

The night before he passed away, mom called me and said it wouldn’t be long before he went, he had stopped eating, and was sleeping all the time. The next morning I went to work, and was sitting in the parking lot having my coffee. I was very upset, and wondering if this would be the day.

As I sat, looking through the windshield, a small bird came to rest on the windshield wiper and looked at me. It sat for a moment, then flew away.

For many years my dad built bird houses, and had then all over the yard. He loved watching them live in one of his condos, as he used to call them.

Later that morning, about 10:30,I got a call from my sister, telling me that dad had  passed away earlier in the morning. I believe he came to say good by to me.

He was a quiet man, who didn’t hug as often as he wanted to, but always found a way to tell me I was loved.

I cherish the memories he left us with, and I think of him often.

Daily Prompt: Breaking The Law


Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?

Well, this is really opening up a can of worms isn’t it.

Many of us do little things here and there without realizing we’re loosing karma points, but the big stuff, now that’s something else.

There have been moments in my life where I did not make the smartest decision, this laced with the “I can do anything attitude and it doesn’t matter” sort of thing.

When I was sixteen I used to chum around with my sister and one of her friends. I was the only one with a drivers licence, so it became apparent I would be the chauffeur on our outings.

One evening we had the bright idea it would be fun to have the highway sign that had our towns name on it. It should be easy, just wiggle it loose and throw it in the back of the van. My sister’s friend came up with the idea, she was wild and crazy, and I thought participating would be a rush.

I stopped the vehicle as close to the sign as possible, all the while we are looking around for someone else coming down the road, or wondering if the neighbors would see us.

We began to push on the sign, back and forth, trying to lift it, until we realized it was buried in the ground about six feet! Panic set in, this was not going to be a quick job, we were so afraid someone was going to see us.

After what seemed like an eternity, the sign came out and we shoved it in the back of the van, then the back door wouldn’t close because it was too long, good grief.

We sped away in a frenzy, not knowing what we would do with it, now that we had it. Stupid teenagers, what can I say. The size of the sign made it impossible to keep, so we left it by the side of the road so someone would find it.

I still think about this and wonder… really?

Unless of course I am speeding to the thrift store for half price day!


Have a great day everyone.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


IMG_2059While walking around my mom’s farm, I thought it would be fun to take a photo of me, taking a photo.When I looked at it I realized how much of a story it was telling.

The mirror I’m looking in is part of the old truck my dad hauled his grain in, the building right next to me is the old barn my grandfather built in the 1940’s. The two  building’s in the background are workshops my dad used to putter around in, and behind the beautiful big trees is the garden, and the house my mom still lives in.

Photos really do tell stories, they go far beyond the initial intent.

Daily Prompt: Association


Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .. . . home.. . . soil.. . . rain.

Use those words in the title of your post.

Home is where I feel safe and loved, I can be me and not wonder if I’m going to be judged. The word home also makes me think about the farm where I grew up, and where my mom still lives. Thinking about that make’s me want that lifestyle again, where everything had a slower pace.

Soil is the grass roots of life. May sound weird, but that’s what I think of. I probably think that way because I am a prairie girl, and all good things come from the earth. The smell of freshly turned soil means change, and that can be a very good thing.

Rain is growth, nothing on earth can survive without it, plain and simple. A warm summer day with a sprinkle of rain, now that is something.


Have a great weekend everyone!