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Daily Prompt: The Journey- To the Farm And Back


Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.

Well here I am back from the dead…. so it seems. In early March I got news I had to travel home to help look after my mum, who had broken her ankle. My mind was whirring with a million things, from getting my car ready for the long journey, to wondering how my mum is going to make it through this challenging time.

The trip I took was physical and emotional, I enjoyed driving through  B.C and Alberta, and finally reached Saskatchewan.


It’s hard not to look like a geek when taking your own pic.

I stayed overnight in Regina with my sister and her husband. Plenty of activity in their backyard.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 054

Snowmen just seem to love living here.

I was really happy to finally get to Yorkton to see my mom. She was still in the hospital at that point, but she was so happy to see me.


I stayed on the farm for about two weeks, driving in every other day to visit her. I would take my lunch in and we would have a “picnic” at bedside while she ate her hospital food. She insisted that it really did taste quite good, and actually, it didn’t look half bad. We would play cards each day, she always looked forward to doing that.

Back on the farm… I have not seen this much snow since I was a kid.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 067Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 136

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 081

..and plenty of glorious, prairie sunshine.

My trip back was an interesting one. I stopped to say hi to the giant moose in Moose Jaw,Saskatchewan.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 051Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 052

Some things just grow really big here.

I took a different route through Alberta and encountered some interesting sights along the way.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 172

“Pinto MacBean”, Bow Island , Alberta.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 188

..and no shortage of beautiful mother nature.

My journey was a good one, I love driving down roads I’ve never been. Now that I’m home, it’s just one surprise after another….

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