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Do The Right Thing: Bloggers Unite- Me and Mom


Today I must do the right thing and thank my mom for all she has done, 54 years ago today she was working very, very hard! 🙂 Thanks mom!

About four weeks ago she fell and cracked a bone in her ankle, she has been in the hospital ever since, quite the ordeal, seeing she is eighty three. She gets the cast off around the beginning of April, and can’t wait to go home. She has never been away from home for such an extended period of time, and I’m sure is finding it difficult to deal with.

I have four siblings, and live the farthest away, it is about a two day drive for me. My oldest brother lives with mum and cares for her, he is a gem. My youngest sister lives about two hours from where mum is in the hospital so can drive to see her on her days off. Last week when Barb was visiting mum she took this snap shot with her phone, the wonders of technology. I have one as well, so I took a pic of myself and little Molly so mum could see us.


She is being a real trooper, but the whole ordeal must be terribly stressful on her. All of us have been talking to her each day, which is helping I think, but she does miss her home environment very much.

When I was a kid one her favorite programs to watch was the Tom Jones variety show, She loved watching him, lol, I still remember the look on her face when he would do his sexy dancing. 🙂 And yes, she did love the music as well.

At the beginning of April I will be driving out to see her, and stay for a couple of weeks, it will be good to see her.

Thanks for being who you are mom, I love you!

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Daily Prompt: Comfort Zone


What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity? 

I think I would go nuts if I had the to plan everything, it’s just not in my nature to do that. I’m the type of person who makes a list to go shopping and then forgets the list at home. I really do try, 🙂

These days I have been watching the organizing gurus on YouTube, it’s quite amusing really, and some of it’s actually rubbing off. They would defiantly wince at the no routine/planning thing, but spontaneity works best for me, or so I keep telling myself, lol.


Taking a road trip and meandering along, not really planning where I’m going to stop, I love that.


…. and since it is my birthday today, I can do whatever I want!

Beautiful and sunny here on the west coast, thank you!!

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Daily Prompt: Fantasy


The Tooth Fairy (or Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus . . .) : a fun and harmless fiction, or a pointless justification for lying to children?


Personally I think it’s a little of both. The Easter bunny is distantly related to a religious holiday, and I say distant, because what the bunny implies now has little or nothing to do with how it started out. Mr. bunny originated with the pagan festival of Eastre, and from there went on to become famous when the Germans brought it to America, then it moved into eternal oblivion as westerners  let their children indulge in its surgery goodness.

The Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause follow close behind as symbols of excess, in one way or another. Why we feel the need to reward our children with money under the pillow, I’ll never know. If you think about it for a second, don’t you think little kids might find it a bit creepy to know there has been a stranger in their bedroom at night? And we wonder why our kids have nightmares…

And Mr. Clause….. well, he’s been slam dunked so far from his origin of birth that it’s bizarre. I’m not sure why humans feel the need to twist things to such a distorted level. We have made these holidays fun and enjoyable, but at what cost? Our kids grow up thinking it’s ok to lie to their children, then get all bent out of shape when things go very wrong. But we taught them to do this didn’t we?

We humans are so strange, why is it so difficult to just tell the truth?

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