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Daily Prompt: Use It Or Loose It


Dream Store

What would happen if you could go to a store and buy or rent your dreams?  There would be categories under sex, food, happy, sad, absolutely everything. How amazing would that be?

You and only you would get to choose where you will go and what you will see. All you have to do is have the courage and will power to go to the end of the dream once you have made your choice. It is perhaps the most amazing experience you will ever have, one I’m sure you will want to repeat over, and over again.

There is one category labeled “miscellaneous”, which is for the individuals who don’t want to commit to any one thing in particular, people who want to taste everything all at once. The adrenalin seekers, those who seem to thrive on sheer chaos. There is only one draw back; this category comes with a warning. “This dream may have side effects of prolonged anxiety” That’s all it says. The rest is up to the one making the choice to figure it out.

Many of the dreams we have are so disjointed we would never in a million years want to repeat them, or care to wonder why we had them in the first place. They are bits and pieces of things we did today and things we experienced many, many years ago. Sometimes its things we have not done yet but we would have no way of knowing that, how could we? Colors, faces, and feelings flash through at the speed of light, each only lasting a fraction of a second; a menagerie of being.

Some of the most popular selections are duplicates, dreams which you have had and want to repeat.

Every once in a while your mind creates a picture show so unique and remarkable you would do anything to go back. Images from your past, which tug at the very life of you wanting to breathe again. The dreams are so intense, some of them terrifying. There are people who say we don’t dream in color, or we can’t have the same one twice. Some are so terrifying, especially the ones that include family members and we are trying to escape something horrible. “I thought we’d never come back from that one” It’s a powerful thing that has happened to you when words like this give you the cold sweats.

Many people say dreams are the minds way of telling the brain we have unfinished business. Maybe it’s a subtle way of letting us know its “OK” to go back. Everyone knows it’s impossible to really change things, but what if we could go back in our dreams and make things seem different. Not really change them but rather trick our minds into thinking we had done things differently. Would we be more content with different aspects of our life now? It’s hard to say if we would or no, we will never know until we take the risk.

This place isn’t meant to be entertainment, but rather it allows us to embrace images that had the power to cross over.

Impressive, scary, intriguing? All of the above for sure. So how do we get to this store of dreams?

Just close your eyes and let go


Daily Prompt: The Early Years


My oldest sister apparently thought I was similar to a doll, she seems to be having a great time holding me up, while my brother looks like the perfect gentleman.



My first year was crowned by an incredible homemade birthday cake made by my mom, I really don’t remember that day, but by the look on my face I’d say it was a good one.


I enjoyed quiet times with my big brother, not sure why we were sitting on the kitchen table. 🙂 He was probably telling me about the latest mischief he got into that he didn’t want mom to know about. When I was about six years old he and I thought it would be a good idea to have a rock fight in the basement. The floor was still dirt and rocks, before dad put a concrete pad down. At some point during the dule I sat up when I should have ducked and took a rock in the head. Mom took care of the damage and my brother hid the whole day for fear of what would happen, lol


My days were always filed with cats, plenty of them. I’m the little blonde in the middle. My dad used to tell my youngest sister and I we had cats for breakfast. As soon as we woke in the morning  we would go out to the barn and play for hours.


The all important weiner roast was a special time for us, I can clearly remember going on many of them. My mom always baked homemade hot dog buns, and we always had a big mason jar with orange Freshie and one with grape. Freshie was a Canadian drink mix that was a popular alternative to Kool-Aid, from the 1950’s to the early 1980’s. My dad and I were the only ones who loved out hotdogs roasted until they were black, and with mustared of course.


Growing up on the farm was the best place for a kid to be. There was never a shortage of fun things to do, and plenty of space to explore. My dad was a farmer his whole life, and loved it each and every day.

I can remember picking handfulls of beautiful, yellow dandelions for my mother. I would walk up to the house holding them behind my back, hoping to surprise her. Many years later she would tell me she always knew what I was holding, but never spoiled my surprise.


This is one of my favorite photos from the early years, we had gone on a drive with mom and dad, and as usual he never passed up a photo oppertunity.

My wish would be, that every kid has as many warm memories as I do.

Now for something silly… and a little bent.


Open House

If you stand in a corner and put your hands over your face people won’t see you. As soon as you start to peek between your fingers someone will look at you and wonder why you are being so strange. Something that is not expected perplexes most people, they get this weird look on their face, like when someone tells you a joke and you pretend you get it, but really don’t. Shit, why did I have to look? Why couldn’t I have been satisfied with just being here? So, what now? Maybe if I stay like this people will think I’m one of those real life pieces of art. You know the ones you might see at a fancy art gallery. The models strike a pose and may hold it for an hour then change. I could never do that sort of thing. What excuse do they use if they have to pee in the middle of a pose? I have an idea. If I open my fingers wider so my one eye and just my lips show I can tell the guy looking my way to piss off. What would that do? I have no idea but it would be fun to try. Maybe he would think I’m an escaped mental patient and would leave me alone. I could start laughing. If you start laughing for no apparent reason people always think you’re nuts, that’s it! That always works in the movies. Why wouldn’t it work here? Christ, why didn’t I think of that from the start? I will start laughing while slowly taking my hands away from my face. Now if only I can get my legs to start moving and make my way across the room to the closet. Oh sure, lets just turn this into something really memorable. The eccentric wall flower leaves her home in the corner and takes up residence in the nearest closet. This just gets better and better. Sounds like an ad in a twisted real-estate brochure.
It’s working. Don’t look back, that’s the cardinal rule. If you’re going to do something right out there you can never look back, because if you do people will think you’re an idiot and not weird. Being an idiot is not having the brains to know that weird is good. Today I was defiantly borderline. My hope was to make it across the room without anyone stopping me and asking my opinion on the cheese tarts.

I have crappy balance and my underwear won’t let go. My mind was so disjointed it was like a bumper car that never ran out of tokens, it just kept going and going no matter what it bumped into. The room was buzzing, like the inside of a beehive after the queen has given the order to evacuate. I wonder how many of these people are serious, and how many are here just to sample the free food and pocket stale mints? Do people really find this sort of thing entertaining? They must be joking. How could a room full of complete strangers with limp intentions be entertaining?
I was shuffling rather than walking. I figured I might as well go for the complete weird person, tight pantyhose look. Never, never wear pantyhose and a thong at the same time. I scanned the room as I headed for the eats table.
There was this weird whirring sound coming from above. So tell me, who in this lifetime needs to have mirrors on the fan blades? Maybe they use it as a strobe effect when having sex, hey that might be good, file that one away. I almost felt embarrassed as those images made their slide show presentation through my mind.
Could people tell what I was thinking? Not likely, most of them had that stunned, prozac look. And no, we’re not going to get into how I know that.
When you approach someone you don’t know, is it best to appear confident, like you are an informed individual or is it better to let him or her know you’ve chosen to let the birds fly through once in a while?
Look at this guy standing by the punch bowl, a real winner. Holy crap, this guy must be the big cheese, head honcho, fool of the hour, take your pick. The guy is wearing a shit brown, knit suit. He’s wearing one of those labels on his lapel that says, HELLO- MY NAME IS—Sweeny. Huh? Who in their right mind names their kid Sweeny? I thought those name badges went out with the K-Tell garlic press? This was so entertaining, maybe I’ll mingle for a while and sample a few stale bread sticks. The idiot, he didn’t even know why I was laughing as I walked by. The cologne he was wearing had that ever-popular scent of Old Spice and parmesan cheese, that one had to be a big seller. Probably did well at the discount stores displayed right next to irregular condoms and edible rubber.
Oh my look at this one. She must have thought it was a costume party because the outfit she’s wearing it straight out of “The Avengers”, only she doesn’t have the body that Emma Peel did. Her lips, what the hell has she done to her lips? They are so fat and glossy it looks like she cut them out of a magazine and stuck them on her face. This one is a real prize. I’ll bet she’s with that bald little fart standing next to the buffet. He’s been sucking back cocktail weenies like mad. I’ve been watching him for awhile because I had this feeling he may do something phenomenal. Ya right, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. Every time he thought someone might be watching he would stop chewing, only on one occasion he should have made sure the food was all the way in his mouth. How could anyone find a person like that attractive? The sides of his jacket were bulging from the plastic cutler and sugar packets he had stuffed into his pockets. Are people born like this or do they go to a school for cultured halfwits? I think his hairdresser should perhaps go for a reality check. Baldy was one of those individuals who didn’t like being bald, but was too cheap to go for a real hair job. You know the ones. They let the little hair they do have grow extra long then sweep it over the head so it looks like they have a full head of hair. These guys are the ones who look like human corn brooms every time the wind picks up. Poor sod, I should tell him he didn’t have to bother with the bobby pins, that’s just over kill.

People didn’t even notice me walking across the room. It’s like I’m not really here, yet I am. Every once in a while someone makes eye contact then looks away. What’s their problem? Maybe most people don’t recognize normal when they see it. Or I could be so weird they don’t find me unusual enough to pay attention to.
I’ll just mingle and pretend to be part of the in crowd. Now I’m really laughing and not faking it. I never imagined I’d be part of such an elite group of misfits.
Circulating the room I began to take a closer look at some of the art hanging on the walls. A black velvet painting of a bullfighter about to get gorged. Now that almost fits in this room. On the opposite wall was a collage, photos of cars. Hmm, different. I thought it had real promise until I looked closer and noticed most of the cars were hearses, each painted a different color. Weird, not even I would paint one of them polka dot. On a corner table was some type of sculpture that seemed to glow. People were standing around it pointing and laughing. On closer inspection it appeared to be some type of Mood Fool. Remember those mood rings all the kids had way back in the seventies? They would wear them to school and try to embarrass each other so the colors would change. Maybe if I saunter over to that thing and start chanting people will form a circle and throw money. Now that idea has potential.
The music was something else. Who ever put this together has real class. Recordings of the Beach Boys, The Irish Rovers, and Abba all on one track. It reminded me of being at my first co-ed party when I was twelve. I had such a fun time watching others dance, I wasn’t aware the record we were listening to had so many scratches it kept tripping back to the same song over and over again.
No one is dancing but a few couples are making an attempt. A tall, slender gentleman is putting the moves on the woman with the lips. He looks like a horny skeleton. She keeps puckering and he keeps groping her ass. I can only imagine the offspring this couple would have, God why did I even have to picture that. Little beanpoles and miniature turtles running around. Strange how some people can look exactly like another species. Well, they look happy enough feeling each other up, I wonder if they’ve made plans for later. Golly gee I was amused with the most vulgar things, one of the points I liked best about myself.

No one has even asked my name. Am I that boring? Surely someone must be wondering who I am and what I’m doing here. I’m afraid to pass a mirror just in case I can’t see myself. Well at least I know people can see me, it would be far worse if no one looked at me at all, that would be death. Inside every one of us is the need to be popular, whether we admit it or not, even if it’s just for a second. Now and then I do have brief moments of awareness, all this praise I was showering on myself was making me soggy, and cheap deodorant wasn’t helping.

Let’s see; from a distance all of this looked appealing, now up close it looked like a fast food restaurant collided with a Ukrainian wedding. Miniature cabbage rolls sharing space with deep-fried cheese balls. The table looks like a culinary nightmare. I haven’t seen any chalk outlines on the floor so that’s a good sign. There must be something on this table that hasn’t been frozen, fried, or rolled in stale breadcrumbs. They should have warning labels on some of this stuff. Like this, what the hell is this? Looks like it could be that spinach dip everyone makes for baby showers and funerals. Its way too stringy, maybe they used artificial spinach. Christ, it looks like puke in a bun. Don’t people have any imagination? Now, this is really special. A bowl full of miniature pickled eggs; right next to TexMex bean dip. What’s the theory in that? Give them gas so bad they never leave the bathroom? That could explain the stack of business cards next to the Tums dispenser. I was just leaving the food table when I noticed a card with the name of the catering company.

Bubba’s Banquet Bonanza
We Specialize In Everything
“There aint nothin we can’t do”.
(Senior Rates Available)

I put about a half dozen cards in my pocket, one of them I’d give to the local television station when ratings needed a boost, the others I’d send to The Food Network. Surely they could use a good laugh some days. I felt like I was part of a bizarre experiment in human behavior.

People were heading in the direction of the patio so I decided to follow and hope for a sideshow.
This was going to be good. The house we were in had a built in computerized vacuum system, state of the art by the sounds of it. The guy giving the demo handed out glossy colored pamphlets to further emphasize this was no ordinary vacuum. “The beauty of this system folks is that the EnerJize cleans with total efficiency”. Quite the salesman; There were about eight of us standing around waiting for him to do something miraculous with this cleaning wonder. He brought us out on the patio to demonstrate, because it also sucked up garden dirt. Huh? Uh yes, the ultimate test. There was a potted plant on a small table near him. As he was turning to show us a brochure he accidentally on purpose knocked it over.
“Oh shoot, you just never know when you’ll need one of these babies. My wife loves this thing. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t thank me for being a vacuum salesman”. Good grief what a putz.
Everything was going along fine until he accidently touched the blow button. Anyone within a five-foot radius was pelted with soggy dirt and earthworms. One of the women standing close by looked like she was going in for leach therapy. She began to freak out when a couple of the worms figured her ears looked like good hiding places. The salesman was absolutely horrified. He quickly turned the vacuum off and apologized profusely. Maybe the owners of the house should have auditioned this guy first. I couldn’t believe my luck, all this entertainment for free.
I wandered back inside and began feeling bored again. Some how the idea of the closet didn’t appeal to me anymore it would be even more boring in there.
There seemed to be other mini demos going on in different areas of the house. This was apparently a smart house. Everything computerized with many hi-tech conveniences.
I thought watching something in the kitchen might be fun; it had to be better than watching the dirt blower.
Walking into the kitchen was almost like being in one of those carnival attractions with the mirrors. Everything was so shiny it almost made me dizzy. I was a bit disappointed no one was in here but decided to poke around on my own.
Things were unnaturally clean. Maybe there was another kitchen where the family actually cooked. Freaks; how can people live like this? If the kitchen looked like this it almost made me shudder to take a look at the laundry room. I began scanning the counters for some sign of life when something caught my eye. It was a remote, for what? The appliances? Weird. This was too good to be true. I figured it was my duty to play with it and experiment. I couldn’t quite get the point of having a remote to turn things on, oh well, here goes. I touched a small button labeled water and the water in the sink began running. Cool. Another button turned a radio on. Playful thoughts of pressing all the buttons at once crossed my mind but I decided to forget that when I spied the master control panel.
Oh my this was going to be fun. By the looks of it everything in the house could be accessed from here. I traced my fingertips down the panel looking for something of interest. Most of it was the typical, lock front door, adjust temperature, this sort of thing. I figure if I had to be subjected to bean dip and The Irish Rovers all in one day I had the right to play around a bit. Zapper, ok, this one might do something stimulating. I had no idea what zapper really meant but pressed it any way. Nothing happened, bummer. I continued scanning the control panel when I heard shrieking coming from another part of the house. I doubt it was something I had done so ignored it. Hmm, more yelling, lets try one more then perhaps run like hell. I found one that said fumes and let it rip. Almost instantaneously a putrid odor began filling the room. Oh wonderful, things were off to a rip roaring start. I grabbed a dishtowel, held it over my nose and ran for the open door. Other people were running down the hallway, some were wincing with pain. What happened to them?
We must have looked like bugs running from a carcass. Most of us spilled out onto the driveway, some still covering their face while others seemed to have a sore hand. Good grief. The guy in the tacky brown suit looked shell-shocked and began explaining and apologizing for what had happened.
Apparently there had been a malfunction with the alarm system. The intruder alert function had been activated sending an electrical charge to all door handles. It also dispersed noxious fumes through out the entire house. What a moron, who would have done such a thing? I tried to look as mystified and pissed off as the others and made my way down the driveway.
Maybe next time I went out for a walk I’d try a house that didn’t look quite so sophisticated.

Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful


The role that faith plays in my life? Hmmm… I recently gave my two weeks notice at work, so I could have the time for my art, do some writing and a multitude of other things I never have time for. To me that is a leap of faith, it just seems like the right thing to do at the right time, and I don’t even feel scared.

I don’t follow any one religion, but have always believed in the power of the universe. Sooner or later it comes through for me.

It does make a difference that my husband is the most wonderful man in the universe, he says to me, “you just do what you need to do, and I’ll be here to back you up”. Everyone should be so lucky to have a partner that supports like that.

Bu wait there’s more….

We have been together for six and a half years, we met on POF( plenty of fish) a popular online dating site. He lived on Vancouver Island, and I on the mainland. After talking and emailing for a couple weeks we met in person, and as they say the rest is history. He went home, gave his notice at work, gave notice at his townhouse, and found a new job over here on the mainland…. moved over here, all this in the time frame of two weeks.

Now that my friends is having faith.


Prince Paul

And we continue to live happily everafter. :0)



I spent January of 2012 at my mom’s place in saskatchewan, the week was beautiful and sunny.


Near the backyard, where railway tracks used to be.


Part of the old fair grounds next to mom’s farm.IMG_3658

Mom is 83 and goes for a stroll each day, no matter what the weather.IMG_3548

And of course there was no shortage of cats.


It was just a little nippy, my arm wasn’t quite long enough to hold the camera.

July 1st (2)

I did an outdoor market on Canada Day, July 1st.


In the fall I did the zombie walk in Mission, BC ( I’m on the extreme right) to promote the Haunted Mansion 10 days of Terror


I had more fun than you can possibly imagine.


I was a pregnant zombie mother… on the right. :0)

It has been a great year, in December I stopped working for awhile so i can devote time to my art, writing… and of course blogging… so see you soon!