manning park 053LI’ve been an artist my whole life, everything from rock carving, painting,  sculpture, and photography.  My dad documented our lives on film, I am forever grateful to him for doing that.

Being in the wilderness is as real as it gets.

I am never content to be stuck in a mold and do the same thing over and over again, to me that is so boring and I would go nuts.

I have a bent sense of humor but there is also a side to me that is very peaceful. I love quiet, out of the way places that provide a sense of solitude.

My writing followes much the same pattern, being funny and distorted, and at other times very dark and twisted.

I share the castle with my husband Prince Paul, Molly our little Westie and Beanie the cat. It is never dull in our kingdom and I love it every day.


I like when people take the time to know the real me, and for that to happen we must be honest about what makes us tick.

I eat a plant based diet, and can’t for the life of me understand why everyone doesn’t. I help support a farm sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. Esther The Wonder Pig

I am a firm believer in reincarnation and past lives.

I am very spiritual, am good to people, and prefer to believe in the power of the universe.

I collect rocks, weird shapes, colors, etc. On out first date my husband gave me a rock that said “home sweet home”, I knew he was a keeper from that day forward.

I drink coffee in the shower, yes really.

I have a keen interest in the paranormal, but am too afraid to open the doors I don’t know how to close.

I love archeology and history, perhaps that goes back to another life, who knows.

I grew up on a farm, and still think it’s the best place in the world for a child to explore.

When I was a kid, my mother let me paint one wall in the basement. She let me paint anything I wanted. I thought that was pretty cool.



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  1. I like your description of your creations. As I have one of your coin purses and one of your button bracelets, I find your descriptions of the thought of the fabric and embellishments to be more than random. Nice.

  2. Drinking coffee in the shower – now that really did get my attention!! I really like your blog and came here after seeing you on The Daily Post. I look forward to reading more from you – I enjoy the sense of humour.

  3. Hi Marilyn, What a wonderful introduction to yourself! I’m already both comfortable and intrigued. I also grew up on a farm (loved it), had a Dad who encouraged me to paint anything (furniture, walls), and have a husband who has given me lots of rocks (he’s a geologist). I’m so looking forward to reading more. All the best, Terri

  4. Marilyn, I absolutely love the statement: “I have a keen interest in the paranormal, but am too afraid to open the doors I don’t know how to close.” I would love to have a paranormal experience, but at the same time, am a bit anxious about it. I’m a scientist, and one part of me says it’s all hooey, but another side says, Why not?” I’m still waiting for personal proof. Great line.

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  6. Hi Marilyn, thank you for following my blog “from five to fifty”. It was a great opportunity for me to find you and your great blog!

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