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Molly Monday: West Highland Terrier Gazette


Hi everyone, it’s me Molly.

My mom keeps telling me I am such a ham. I don’t really know what she’s talking about, but it might have something to do with food.

Feb 3rd 2013 068Feb 3rd 2013 071

“Ok, the hair looks dorky, but it makes my mom laugh!”

JAN 8 2012 021Paul head 016

JAN 8 2012 022     Paul head 013

Today, Beanie and I played hide and seek, he is always so obvious!

JAN 8 2012 005  JAN 8 2012 002

Later on we played ball, Beanie is lousy at throwing , so mom does it for him. I was so hungry after we finished playing, I got a homemade treat. They are so tasty. :0) My mom gets recipe ideas from here.

JAN 8 2012 007

Have a great week everyone!


Molly Monday: West Highland Terrier Gazette


Hi everyone, it’s me Molly. jan 27 2013 028

Just chilling out this morning, wanting the rain to stop for a while. It’s so wet here I’m almost wishing my mom would buy me rubber boots to wear, then again I’m not sure I’d want to look silly like these guys.


I get bored on rainy days, so sometimes I play dress-up. This wig is pretty awesome, but I think I’d look better in pink.

Silly Molly Jan 27 2013 018

Beanie was laughing at me from his room in the cupboard, I wanted to lock him in, but mom said he would go nuts.

jan 27 2013 003

Have a great day, I will see you next week.

jan 27 2013 043

Molly Monday: West Highland Terrier Gazette


Hi everyone it’s me Molly.

I was having fun this morning until mom caught me.

cat poo 2 005

I am so embarrassed, she said I have to wear this sign to show people how gross I am.

Beanie laughed at me, so when mom wasn’t looking I had fun playing with his ears.


He’s such a dork, he slept through the whole thing.

Molly Monday: West Highland Terrier Gazette


Hi everyone, it’s me Molly….020

This past week has been nice because my mom has spent every day with me, and I really love that.

My brother Beanie was a jerk a few days ago; he barfed on the carpet and dad stepped in it with his bare feet, and he said some weird sounding words. Stupid cat, he never listens to me. When he did it I told him he would get in trouble, but he kind of laughed at me; “you little sissy dog, I told him you did it”…grrrrr…. I was so mad when he said that, I could chew on his head.

He told me there was a treat in the litter box that tasted good, so I dug around in it for awhile. Mom said I was gross, but she still kissed me later, hahah…

I like to eat broccoli and peanut butter, sometimes they call me sausage dog.

Facts About Westies

They will enjoy doing anything with you, couch surfing, walking, running.

As long as they are with you, they will be happy.

Molly Monday: West Highland Terrier Gazette


Hi everyone, my name is Molly and I am four and a half years old. I live with my mom and dad, and a fat orange hairy thing.

I want to start your week off with something to make you smile, so I thought I would show you pictures of me and Beanie, and tell you funny things that we do, or just dumb stuff  my cat does.


I should start at the beginning so you can see what I looked like.


My mom brought me home when I was eight weeks old. They would say gushy things to me, and smile weird when I pooped on the carpet.

molly sweater 2

This stupid sweater was so small, my mom had to squeeze my head into it, but it made my dad laugh so I stayed in it for a while.

molly sleeping1

I used to sleep a lot, then I would wake up hungry, and want to chase the orange thing that ran fast.

bean feb3

My brother Beanie thinks he is good looking, and does dumb things when mom and dad aren’t home.

Jan 6 20133 003

That’s it for now, I hope you will come back next Monday……… see ya later.