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Daily Prompt: The Artist And The Archaeologist


When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?


At that age all I wanted to be was an artist. The walls of my bedroom were covered with cartoons, Snoopy and Charlie Brown being my favorite. Construction paper and masking tape were my friends, along with pencil crayons and cardboard.

The other thing I wanted to be was an archaeologist digging for lost treasure, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. When I was around ten or twelve, I buried a small box of trinkets so I could have the fun of digging it up. This part of the quest I found rather boring, because I already knew where the treasure lay. I also buried a dead mouse, but never did find the bones, that was very disappointing.


I have been an artist my whole life, and have dabbled in many different mediums. I don’t make my living at it, but it will always be a passion in my life.

I didn’t become an archaeologist, but also remain interested in anything to do with this field of study. The very mention of the word Egyptology, and I’m still conjuring up treasure digs in my head.

For me, these two passions will always be connected, they have defined who I am; who knows, maybe one of these years I may be lucky enough to develop an ancient curse of my own, 🙂



Garbage Unlimited


Taking little Molly  for a walk is usually a fun experience, both of us have a good time, me watching her smell each blade of grass. She is such a happy dog and we love her to bits. Today we came across something very sad…..

We walked along the shore of the Fraser River, taking photos, Molly enjoying the sand between her toes.

Then we found this.


Not sure who could have the heart to do this to their little dog, a boy.

Molly went close, sniffed the little guy, then looked up at me wanting an answer.


He had been buried and covered with large rocks, it didn’t happen by accident.

I uncovered the rest of him, put him in a grocery bag and took him to our local vet so they could dispose of him in a more humane way.

                                        Who ever you are, there is Karma.

I published these photos, not to be crude, but to serve as a reminder that not all animals have a happy ending. We shall never know how he died, but all of us know better, than to let him end up like this.