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Top 10 Foods To Never Take On A Picnic



Canada Day is around the corner, so it is appropriate to lend my wisdom regarding picnic food, and park etiquette.  Sounds simple, but you’ll be surprised how people screw this up. These are in no particular order, they are all equally bad.

  1. Soup is not picnic food. No matter what the magazines tell you, it does not look cool dribbling out the side of your mouth during the three-legged race.
  2. Peanut butter is a poor choice. Your mouth will be so gummed up, you can’t yell at the dog who just crapped near your blanket.
  3. Jell-O salad is a tricky choice. That really cool shape you left home with, may resemble something like a blown-out tire by the time lunch time rolls around.
  4. Sardines are never a good idea, especially gross if you are on a date. Leaning in for a kiss and getting the ass end of a fishing trawler is not romantic.
  5. Stay away from hard-boiled eggs in the shell. They can too easily be used as weapons of choice.
  6. Leave the ghetto blaster at home, on the porch, beside the empty 26er, no one is interested in hearing, “ Yo big mama beat the dog down..” you get the idea.
  7. Control small children; you will not be impressed when they run back to the blanket with brown stuff on their fingers, and even more grossed out when they pick their nose, after telling you they found chocolate bars on the ground.
  8. If you want to smoke pot, do it in the back woods. Most people frown upon the smell of burning cow shit, while they eat potato salad.
  9. In many cases it’s best to leave the pooch at home, unless they are restrained, listening to your every word, like the cat does, ha-ha, joking!
  10. No microwave ovens. Just because you found one that plugs into a battery doesn’t make it cool. You will look like an over-applianced idiot, and the laughing will be so loud people will call the police. When they get there, they will laugh.

Enjoy your day! :0)


Amazing Discovery’s From The Boob Tube


Television is polluted with so much trash, that we sometimes forget there is content on the box worth a second look.

The cable in our home was given the heave-ho quite some time ago. My husband and I both have computers, and of course there is Netflix, lol. I’m laughing because it is not the most up to date form of entertainment, but it is only $7.99… what can I say, we are cheap and like it this way.

Earlier this week I was cruising along, in my Netflix-potato mode, and thought I’d give ” Documentaries” another try. I’ve noticed one called Searching For Sugar Man, after all, how bad could it be? Silly pessimistic girl that I am on occasion. Little did I know that I would find an incredible story.

YouTube saved the day, because I found one of his albums…. for FREE…oops, maybe I’m not supposed to advertise that, ah well.

What an amazing human being, and the music goes without saying.

Anniversary Sweetheart


kiss again10

Today is our fifth anniversary, we have been together for seven, glorious years. It took both of us awhile to find the right person, but later is better than never.

We spend a lot of time smiling at each other, and the laughing goes without saying. He is my best friend and I his, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Both of us like to be hams on occasion. He once pretended to be Elvis playing a guitar, and I just so happened to have the video camera at the ready. I love spontaneous moments like this, and laugh each time I watch it.

He is the love of my life, and I cherish every day, even when he’s not serenading me.

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Daily Prompt: Musical Journey


What role does music play in your life?

Music is such a powerful tool, it evokes images, feelings, and emotions of all types. People listen  for many reasons; some to block out the world around them, others simply wish to be entertained by the melody.

Being a visual person allows me to  draw creative energy from listening to it, I have a wide range of tunes I enjoy.  My dad played the violin and my sister the piano, it gave me an early appreciation both instruments. When I listen, it inspires me to write, and I feel encouraged to work on my many art projects. Images flow through my mind and the story unfolds.

I am particularly fond of movie soundtracks, they help to draw out the emotions, and add substance to my work. “Schindler’s List” is one I listen to from time to time, the music is hauntingly beautiful, the story one of desperation and courage.


Or I may be working on something lighter, and listen to the music from “Up”



My choices are diverse, I’m full of surprises. :0) Have a great day everyone.

Daily Prompt: I Got Skills – Piano Girl


If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

I would love to be able to play the piano, and let the tunes carry me away to another time or place. My oldest sister played when we were kids, I remember thinking how cool it was she had mastered the skill.

Some day I will own a piano, and perhaps take lessons. Even if hubby and our four-legged kids need to wear ear plugs, I will still enjoy making music.


Me, the piano, and the sun shining through the window, now that would be perfect.

Have a great day everyone. 🙂