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Milk In The Face




Yes of course I was, my dear mother made it quite clear I was the most difficult child of the five she brought into this world.

I suspect I was strong-willed right from the start, ready to run, ready to say no, all of which is ‘normal” I think.

When I was about two years old I chose to have it out with my mother and challenge her, big mistake. She always kept her word, knowing this at the time would have saved me some grief, and tears.

I grew up on a farm and loved playing outside, I suspect the “incident” had something to do with her wanting me to come inside the house…and me putting my foot down and giving her a very loud, “NO”.

As a kid in the 60’s everyone drank cow’s milk, I loved it, it was my life blood, nothing kept me from it, until the fateful day of the “Great Challenge”.

Standing in the doorway, a small truck in my hand; my mother opposite me, glass of milk in her hand.

As I raised the toy above my head she said, “If you throw that, I will throw the milk in your face”

I threw the truck.


swift justice






Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors


Ice cream is just one of those things you can’t have too much of, especially if it’s top quality and it comes in a giant tub. There is more than one flavor I love eating, and I say love instead of like, because when you sit there with your eyes closed, slowly swirling it around in your mouth, I’d say that is more than liking it.

My all time favorite would have to be a very good quality chocolate chunk, something along that line. Possibly a dash of coffee thrown in, just to push it over the edge. Or maybe just smooth and creamy so it sooths the throat sliding down.


I really can’t make up my mind when it comes to chocolate; dark, creamy, chunky, or smooth, and then again there is the dish or cone thing.

joy-1-cake-ice-cream-cone-1056-cs (1)pudding_3_190

So many choices……

I love cones, the old fashioned ones that were around when I was a kid. Not the fancy waffle ones they have now, even though they can be tasty,  just the regular pointed ones. As a child I always felt I got ripped off when I got the cone that had the flat bottom, I hated those. One of my sisters didn’t like cones at all and loved it in a dish, which I thought was just wrong.


Makes me happy when I see this…

Everyone in the family loves ice cream..


first cone….


And some of us are just pigs… vanilla..:(

Any way you dish it up, enjoy it!

Have a great day everyone.