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Daily Prompt: Earworm Birthday


Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us INSPIRATION.

Last Sunday we traveled to Victoria for my mother in-laws birthday, she is 93 today. I took photos of the event and captured her family having fun, being grateful they have their mum for one more year. She is a true inspiration, and we love her for it.

Ruth's 93rd Birthday 013

Ruth's 93rd Birthday 085

Ruth the movie star.

Ruth's 93rd Birthday 136

Yeah cake!

We had a really nice time, a lot of laughing, the sun was shining, a great day.



Ice-Cream Meltdown


I gave into my cravings today.

You might want to read my Daily Prompt from this morning, or this post is going to make me sound like a raving lunatic.

If you look closely you can still see the frost on the tub. Not real ice-cream you say? It tasted real enough to satisfy my craving for the REAL thing, and made me feel less guilty.

After leaving the store I drove to a not-so-near by park, because atmosphere is everything.


I enjoyed the view from the car as the spoon sank deeper and deeper into the tub.



I finally had to stop when my waistband became so tight I could hardly breathe.


This is hardly the most flattering photo, but I wanted you to know it’s really me, and not some deranged woman in the supermarket parking lot. Ok, wait a minute, that was me……….lol

Now honestly, how many people do you know who would stuff their face and show it to the world?

And by the way, I left the spoon in the car.

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Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump And Be Happy


What’s the biggest risk you’d like to take — but haven’t been able to? What would have to happen to make you comfortable taking it?

There are risks I should be taking and then there are the ones I’d like to take, they seem the most fun, so I’m happy to follow the rules today. :0)

Life is way too serious for many of us, looking at the big picture can give the best of us a headache, and make us wish we would take more time to ponder the small, less valuable moments in life.

For days now I have been thinking about eating an entire tub of ice-cream. Sitting down with a good movie, eating the cold, tasty delight right out of the tub.


The only reason I haven’t done it is because if I do,I will get brain freeze of monumental proportion and all the sugar will make me feel like passing out, and then of course when I wake up I’ll feel incredibly guilty about doing it…and that would spoil the experience.

Ah, to be human, what a pain in the ass some days.



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