Daily Prompt: The Best Mode Of Travel


You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, or car? (Or something else entirely — bike? Hot air balloon?)

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVEL.

I love traveling by car, because that means I can stop wherever and whenever  I want, and since I’m a bit of a control freak it works for me.  If I didn’t travel by car I wouldn’t have seen this fine work of art.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 172

Or I wouldn’t have been able to converse with time gone by.

IMG_0329.JPG (2)

The freedom it gives me to go down small back roads and visit monster size animals just can’t be beat.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 051Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 052

Taking the train across the country some day would be awesome, but think I’d miss being able to do the stop and go thing. Who knows, maybe I’d be involved in a great mystery and that would make it all worth while.




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  7. I feel the same way about traveling by car. I love the ability to go in any direction I like and make new discoveries.
    Thank you for finding me today, and for the like. I have spent an hour here and enjoyed every minute of it!

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