Daily Prompt: Morality Play All In The Family


Where do your morals come from — your family? Your faith? Your philosophical worldview? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us THE SOURCE.

I would have to say my source, is my mom and dad. Both of them came from strong families and they walked away with morals that helped make me who I am today.


This photo was taken in 1952, they were dating and not yet married. They would have been just discovering, values, morals and all that fun stuff that turns us into the people we are. They look happy and care-free, the weight of life not yet on their shoulders.

I try hard not to judge a book by its cover, as I do with people who have shaped their life from a different starting point, we are who we are.



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  1. Terrific photo of your mom and dad. Last night, I watched a PBS show with Prince Charles sharing home movies of his family . . . including the Queen, at play.

    Right at the age your parents are in that photo. And while playing with her kids, the Queen also had shed the “weight of life” from her shoulders.

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