Top 10 things Not To Do At The Movies


This ties in with my Daily Prompt for the day, it just seemed like the right thing to do.


10. If you are sick, don’t go to the show. The rest of us don’t need to hear you blowing your nose during a love scene.

9. If you walk into the theatre and see someone sitting in the top row, don’t sit next to them. They are there because they DON’T want to sit next to you, or anyone else.

8. When the theatre is crowded don’t pretend your friend is coming to take the seat next to you. Doing this makes you a selfish jerk and you should reserve that for when you go to vote.

7. Don’t wear perfume! If you want to smell like a cheap ho, save it for when you go to the bar.

6. Don’t sneak potato chips into the theatre. There is a reason they are not sold at the concession stand. “Man killed for eating chip in theatre” is not the legacy you want to leave your family. They would be too busy laughing to be distressed.

5. Don’t text during the show, save that for when you are walking through an intersection.

4. If you’ve come with someone else, don’t talk about the movie, WHILE YOU ARE WATCHING IT. If the rest of us wanted commentary we’d watch hockey.

3. Don’t sit on the seat that has a plastic bag over it. Someone has puked on it, and that bag is for your own safety. Better yet, sit far away from it, because as we all know, the smell travels.

2. If your pop is empty, don’t keep sucking on the straw. Save that action for another time and place.

1. And the mother of all time. STOP shaking your bag of popcorn! Honestly… what are you hoping to accomplish? The only thing you will likely get is dirty looks and a foot in the back of the head.

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