Daily Prompt: Island of Misfit Posts


We all have something we’d like to write about, but that doesn’t really “fit” our blog. Write it anyway.

My blog is whatever I want it to be, I’ve not really set myself strict guidelines, and that’s the fun part. So this morning I’ll play along and be a movie critic.

Movie Review-Web Head

Hubby and I went to see the new superman movie last night, “Man Of Steel”, a good action flick if that’s what you’re into. I won’t make this a “spoiler alert”, because I think people who do that should be slapped in the head. Nothing more irritating than someone telling you about a new flick when they know you haven’t seen it.

Since I’m not a real movie critic it means I don’t have to follow the guidelines they would….he he.. my favorite part, it’s in my nature to be a shit disturber to some extent.

The casting director did a good job picking the actor to play superman, Henry Cavill, fits the bill in every way, including looking good in a spandex suit. Tall, handsome and suave… I could go on, you get the picture. Amy Adams is awesome, a talented girl who will be around Hollywood a long time.

The story is refreshingly different from the other versions we’ve seen, thank God. Special effects are good, which is what we have come to expect from tinsel town these days.  Russell Crowe plays superman’s father, a nice touch, with Kevin Costner playing his earthly version.

We’ve seen good and bad 3D, and opted out to pay extra to see the big guy, it’s not always necessary to fully enjoy the show, and especially irritating when it turns out to be a mediocre effect. The best we’ve seen in 3D was the movie Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. An arrow came flying at me and I moved my head to the side so it would stick in my eye…:0)

I of course, had to have an over-priced bag of popcorn, as usual. I’m somewhat of a piglet when it comes to the non-nutrient dense food particles.

It may have been more fitting for us to have seen a Wolfman  movie, the full moon last night ( and tonight ) will be the biggest of the year, but hey. We opted to watch a guy save people rather than have them for snack.

I don’t mind ranting about things from time to time, perhaps this is a new calling for me. :0)


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