Daily Prompt: HaHaHa, Funny Old Guy


Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with an unexpected punch line, great zinger — all jokes are welcome!

Well I guess I’m breaking the law again because this isn’t really a joke, but rather a funny episode from my childhood. I still think about it, and it still makes me smile, so that gives it some merit.

My grandfather used to spend a fair bit of time at our home, he farmed close by, so would stay with us from time to time. Over the years we would grow to appreciate his wicked sense of humor, ( all in good fun ), and his loud, booming voice.

Many moons ago, when my older brother and sister were toddlers, he figured he would pull off the mother lode of pranks.

I get this information from my mom, who still remembers it. I think my grandfather had a more zany sense of humor than her, perhaps I take after him. :0)

It was Easter morning, very early before my brother and sister awoke. Grandpa went to the root-cellar scrounging around until he found two potatoes which closely resembled the size of an egg. He melted chocolate and covered them, all the while giggling to himself.

Later in the morning when my siblings were awake, this funny old man offered the chocolate eggs to the excited little kids, and watched with great joy as they bit into the chocolate covered vegetables.


This story has gone down in our family history, I have many fond memories of this strong, old man. His humor and tenacity are things I still think about, and admire.

He loved a good joke, even if it involved tying our closes in knots so we couldn’t get dressed in the morning. :0)


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