Daily Prompt: Moment Of Kindness With Mom


Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

This past spring, I drove back to the prairies to see my mom. She had taken a tumble, breaking her ankle, and ended up staying in the hospital for almost eight weeks. It was a two-day drive for me to get there, but was really important for me that I help out as much as I could.

When I arrived at the hospital mom was laying in her bed looking tired and bored. She sat up as I stood nearby, reaching her arms out, “Marilyn!”.

Marilyn's Winter Holiday 2013 061

The smile on her face made my heart soar, as I’m sure it did hers. We visited for a while, then she asked, “would you like to play cards?”


A chapter in mom’s book has come and gone, she is home now and doing quite nicely. I was  glad I could be there to help her over some of the bumps.


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