Ice-Cream Meltdown


I gave into my cravings today.

You might want to read my Daily Prompt from this morning, or this post is going to make me sound like a raving lunatic.

If you look closely you can still see the frost on the tub. Not real ice-cream you say? It tasted real enough to satisfy my craving for the REAL thing, and made me feel less guilty.

After leaving the store I drove to a not-so-near by park, because atmosphere is everything.


I enjoyed the view from the car as the spoon sank deeper and deeper into the tub.



I finally had to stop when my waistband became so tight I could hardly breathe.


This is hardly the most flattering photo, but I wanted you to know it’s really me, and not some deranged woman in the supermarket parking lot. Ok, wait a minute, that was me……….lol

Now honestly, how many people do you know who would stuff their face and show it to the world?

And by the way, I left the spoon in the car.

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