Daily Prompt: You’ve Got The Power To End Mr. Happy


You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?


My law would do away with fast food restaurants. So… how many of you are still reading this? 🙂

The food these establishments offer is low-grade, high fat food, with little or no benefits to the well-being of the human body.

Some of these restaurants fund programs in our community’s which help our children. It’s pretty hard to say, or think something bad about a company when they are supporting us in this way. What great camouflage to hide what they are really doing to us. “Partner In The Community”, makes me gag when I see them advertise this to the public.

An entire generation of children have grown up thinking this is real food, how sad is that. The amount of money spent on useless toys is mind-bending. How about we support research instead, so this same generation of kids don’t have to deal with things like cancer and aides? What a concept, not that really hard to understand.

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  1. Good Post!
    What you say is sad but true! If our governments had their druthers, the fast food industry would be made to meet much higher standards, i.e. forced to serve real food, or face being closed down, The least they could do is levy a very extreme tax, that would make the price of such “food”, so prohibitively high, that it was no longer affordable for the masses. In fact they shouldn’t be allowed to use the word “Food” in their advertising and menus at all !

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