Daily Prompt: First Light


Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

Food is always the first thing that pops into my head, because I’m starving hungry by the time I wake up. I’m usually awake by about 4:30ish, gross I know. If I stay in bed I get a headache, so I roll out and stumble to the kitchen. Molly and Beanie are always tagging along, thinking they are first in line at the feed trough, and of course they are.

While munching on my oatmeal I’m thinking about gardening. We live in a condo so our options are a bit limited. Window space is at a premium, so I’ve been thinking outside the box and hashing over ideas. Time to scrounge through the thrift store and look for alternative plant containers.

7edcb6   Copy-of-IMG_2825

potty-cat-21243756  How-To-Turn-A-Keyboard-Into-A-Plant-Pot1


Most of these are outside ideas, but they are worth a second look!

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