Daily Prompt: Undo A Soft Brain


If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

Reality shows on TV

As a whole, I think human beings have become lazy when it comes to watching TV, they do want to think, or wondering about things. Their brains have become content with mediocre content, and images that convey, greed, over indulgence, and depression, oh, and lets also not forget stupidity.

It’s like people have forgotten why they have a brain, and are too lazy to use it. The godfathers in TV land are producing more and more shows each year that drain our brains of the right to think. Television has the power to teach us, motivate us, and yes, entertain us. I’m not sure what entertainment has to do with watching people sift through fifty years of junk, or following along with a wealthy heiress as she buys toilet paper, sort of thing. Or watching struggling individuals, throw their life down the toilet as they overdose, yet again. That’s entertainment? Really?

We axed our cable some times ago, for this very reason. There is just not enough content worth watching for us fatten the pockets of large corporations.

Possible repercussions?



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  1. I am guilty of watching reality TV. I love the First 48, The Deadliest Catch, American Restoration. I think my appeal is that I can be like them. They are real people. Not pretty boys or pretty girls you see on TV and the movies. I can never get Rachel McAdams to go out with me. I am not good looking enough. But I can repaint an old coke cooler or investigate a murder. Just my take on these shows, at least the few I watch.

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  3. Yes they are real people, I guess what disappoints me, is that everything is so scripted, and it becomes “acting”, rather than real life. Then again, if a camera was put into an ordinary household for a week, I’m sure it wouldn’t be exciting enough for viewers to tune in, lol, so they have to jaz it up a few notches. Just the way it goes, :0)

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