About A Friendship


For My Friend Shirley

I have never been the type of person to use the word friend to the extreme. We’ve all known people like that; they invite you over for a small party, saying, ” We’re only inviting a few friends, come on, it’ll be fun.”  When we get there the room is full to capacity, and there are about fifty swaggering people wandering around. Friends…really? I guess some people like that but it’s just not my style. All of this is going somewhere, so be patient, :0), there is always purpose to my writing.

Today when I was running errands I ran into one of my dearest friends. Years ago when  I started working at the store, we met by chance and just seemed to meld together. She would always take the time to say hi each time she shopped, and I would always break the rules and yak a little too long.

Over the years she has listened to when I’m happy and given me a shoulder to lean on when I’m upset. Above all she has always been there for me, and each time we run into each other it’s like no time has passed at all. We laugh and hug, and take time to catch up on each others life, whatever direction it may have taken. She tells me she is proud of me for finally quitting, and is amazed at what a talented person I am.

I love her to bits, this friend of mine. We don’t see much of each other these days. I quite working at the store, and Shirley just doesn’t feel the need to shop as much. On the days when I see her, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, like the clouds have parted and the sun is shinning through just for me. I asked her today how old she is, and with a smile she said, “I’m seventy-eight”, my mouth dropped open in surprise. “Holly shit” I replied, We laughed. She honestly doesn’t look a day over seventy, as I told her so.

We talked and laughed, said goodbye, then started talking and laughing all over again.

Those of you reading this may not know her, but my wish for you, is to have someone in your life who makes you feel like this. I ran across this video, and it just spoke to me. It’s not necessarily about friendship, but it’s about older women and how unique they are, no matter where in the world they may be.


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  1. Dear, dear, FRIEND Marilyn:
    Thank you for your kind, warm and heartfelt post. I am honored beyond words.
    It was a gift to see, speak and laugh with you today. You are special and I
    treasure the friendship we share.
    Thanks for being so warm and welcoming the very first time I was in ‘the store’
    and for reaching out your hand and saying ‘Hi, I’m Marilyn’. That gesture left
    a lasting impression.
    Happiness Always to you and your prince – oops, I mean – king!
    Now I shall watch the video again –
    Shirley xo

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