Daily Prompt: Whoa!


What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Wow, I really have to pick just one? For anyone who has read my about page, you’ll know that I am a keen believer in reincarnation.

Many years ago I met a woman in the store I used to work in. She was shopping down the aisle where we merchandise glass vases, things like that. As I walked by she looked up, our eyes met, and we began to chat. I had never seen, or met her before, yet it was as if she was my long-lost friend, sister, or…. amazing really.

A few times a year we still bump into each other, and when we do, it’s like we have seen each other only yesterday. We seem to pick up where we left off, like no time has lapsed. It’s very weird. On our last meeting, late last summer I think, we stood in the store and talked for almost an hour, marveling at how surreal it is that we have this connection. 

We hug and laugh, and talk about the day we met, and about the glass flower she bought. I keep telling her how ugly it is,  :0) , and she tells me she will always keep it, because it reminds her of the day we met. She touches my very soul, and I hers, yet we have never been to each others home. It’s very strange, this connection we have, a wonderful one neither of us would  want to lose.

There are different kinds of friendship, it has taken me many years to fully understand this. Both of us value these chance meetings we have; we hug, look into each others eyes, and know that things are right.



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