Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment : With Chocolate


You have to learn a new skill. Do you prefer to read about it, watch someone else do it, hear someone describe it, or try it yourself?


Read it, watch it, do it, this seems to work best for me. I am a very visual person, so just strictly reading about how to do something would be a real challenge for me.

When I was a kid, I used to watch craft shows on TV, and absorbed many great ideas from there. As an adult, I have learned to combine different methods and it works great.

A couple of years ago I thought it would be cool to knit socks, but was a bit intimidated by the complexity of it. The idea stayed with me, and I became somewhat obsessed with learning the process. I have been a knitter for years, but had never tackled socks.

I picked up a knitting booklet, read the instructions about a hundred times, parts of it still didn’t make sense to me. Then I discovered YouTube tutorials, and everything became clear. I combined the two teaching methods and miracles happened, I completed my first sock.

165613_476078440666_1808207_nsock penis 009

Like magic I had learned to do the impossible; a little dramatic? perhaps. It drives me nuts when I want to do something and can’t figure out how to do it, so I found a way, and forged my path to the ranks of sock knitter.

I’m posting the tutorial I watched, this lady was amazing, it was so easy watching her.


Learning something new can be fun and challenging at the same time, if you get stressed out, just have a piece of chocolate!


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  1. I have always been fascinated with knitting, that people can make things just by twisting yarn together. I think of myself as a visual learner, but for a lot of things I just need to get in there and learn by trial and error. So, if I ever take up knitting, I sure there will be a lot of errors.

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