Happy Birthday Dad


This post is all about my dad, he would have been ninety years old today.


My dad was a farmer his whole life, and helped my mom raise five kids, the rest is history as they say. I think some of his happiest times, were when he was out in the field working the land, he loved that so much.

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As kids, I remember my mom saying he could have been a weather man, because he could look at the sky and tell what was going to happen.

When he was much younger he played the violin, I remember how wonderful the music sounded. He only stopped later in life when his hands became so arthritic, it became difficult to carry on.

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He even played in a band, they did weddings as well as other engagements.

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He married the most wonderful woman in the world, my mom.

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He looked so happy and proud, as did my mom. They had their whole life ahead of them.

My dad has been gone six and a half years now, he suffered from Alzheimer’s.

The night before he passed away, mom called me and said it wouldn’t be long before he went, he had stopped eating, and was sleeping all the time. The next morning I went to work, and was sitting in the parking lot having my coffee. I was very upset, and wondering if this would be the day.

As I sat, looking through the windshield, a small bird came to rest on the windshield wiper and looked at me. It sat for a moment, then flew away.

For many years my dad built bird houses, and had then all over the yard. He loved watching them live in one of his condos, as he used to call them.

Later that morning, about 10:30,I got a call from my sister, telling me that dad had  passed away earlier in the morning. I believe he came to say good by to me.

He was a quiet man, who didn’t hug as often as he wanted to, but always found a way to tell me I was loved.

I cherish the memories he left us with, and I think of him often.


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  1. This was a lovely tribute to your dad. The picture of him playing the violin is so full of life and feels intensely beautiful, as if I listened close enough I could hear his music. Thank you for sharing your memories here.

  2. that is such a sweet story; i am sure that the little bird was his way of saying goodbye. something similar happened to me when my father died, and i was driving through the backroads for the fastest way to the hospital. a large raptor was in the road, just standing there, defiant. about five minutes later a sister called and said ‘turn around. he’s gone.’

    those annual birthdays are bitter sweet.. we remember them with such fondness, but we miss them so much! eventually the pain goes away, and we remember the good times!

  3. Hey sister, that was a beautiful little story about Dad. I still often think about the way he talked to the animals and how it seemed like they actually listened to him most of the time. His kooky sounds used to make me laugh more than anything when i heard them even though i believe that he believed they served a functional purpose in his communication with them. Funny thing is that the older i get the more i tend to talk to our animals as well…great how life tuns out isn’t it..

    Thanks so much Marilyn, for rekindling thoughts of our wonderful father!

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