Daily Prompt: Through the Window


Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

What I see is so boring and static I will have to stretch this a little, so people don’t yawn while reading my post. The nearest window is the patio doors, we are on the second floor. My view is the side of the building next to us, BORING…..but….

On the patio Beanie is out for his morning stretch, he is running back and forth like a crazy person. Very entertaining really, especially at 5:30 am, when the woman below us is probably still sleeping. :0)

He races at cat speed of light, bouncing off anything in his path, stopping on the old couch long enough to dig his claws in, then off again….”I’m free, I’m free! His ears go back, a wild look in his eye, all this in a split second, then running again.

I love watching him like this, freedom in the cat world.


Now it’s time for a nap.


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