Daily Prompt: Musical Journey


What role does music play in your life?

Music is such a powerful tool, it evokes images, feelings, and emotions of all types. People listen  for many reasons; some to block out the world around them, others simply wish to be entertained by the melody.

Being a visual person allows me to  draw creative energy from listening to it, I have a wide range of tunes I enjoy.  My dad played the violin and my sister the piano, it gave me an early appreciation both instruments. When I listen, it inspires me to write, and I feel encouraged to work on my many art projects. Images flow through my mind and the story unfolds.

I am particularly fond of movie soundtracks, they help to draw out the emotions, and add substance to my work. “Schindler’s List” is one I listen to from time to time, the music is hauntingly beautiful, the story one of desperation and courage.


Or I may be working on something lighter, and listen to the music from “Up”



My choices are diverse, I’m full of surprises. :0) Have a great day everyone.


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