Cat Lunch


Nothing like relaxing on a Saturday afternoon, time for a person to reflect on the finer things in life.

Beanie was anxious to have his lunch, so I opened a can of calorie control, feline delight. It would have been a really good idea if I had been paying attention, the cans with the pop tops like this one ,can be a bit tricky at times.

Jan 19- 2013 007

While pulling the tab I managed to spray my face with juice from the tin, and a few clumpy bits just for fun. So gross….I should have grabbed him and used his tail to wipe away the damage.

He stood there looking at me with a smug look on his face, as if to say,”hahahaheee”, you get the idea, He’s such a jerk.

Mill lake Jan 16 006

After taking time to calm down, I made us both a cup of coffee. I was enjoying mine, but Beanie not so much, I forgot to put extra cream in his…haha, gotcha!

Mill lake Jan 16 003Mill lake Jan 16 0043

Funny how we can be satisfied with the smallest conquests.

Have a great evening everyone.


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  1. Well I`ve not met a cat that drank coffee before – my dogs used to like tea and I had a cat who ate cucumber but coffee? Lovely pictures for a delightful post. I enjoyed it.

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