Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


IMG_2059While walking around my mom’s farm, I thought it would be fun to take a photo of me, taking a photo.When I looked at it I realized how much of a story it was telling.

The mirror I’m looking in is part of the old truck my dad hauled his grain in, the building right next to me is the old barn my grandfather built in the 1940’s. The two  building’s in the background are workshops my dad used to putter around in, and behind the beautiful big trees is the garden, and the house my mom still lives in.

Photos really do tell stories, they go far beyond the initial intent.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Marilyn! (I used to have a neighbor lady by the same first name, by the way!) I totally agree with you about photos and storytelling. When I’m reading Reminisce or Good Old Days magazines, I literally sit there at the dining room table peering into the photos–studying the stories of the past!

    This photo reminds me of an old, abandoned farm about a mile east of Bishop Hill, Illinois. It’s surrounded by evergreens and other trees, and it’s almost like it’s frozen in time.

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