Laugh Out Loud


My odd, silly sense of humor has served me well over the years. Every once in awhile I like to think about what it was like being a kid, having that sense of wonder, and not caring what people thought.

As I get older I find myself doing the same thing, and still not caring if I laugh out loud.

I had a great childhood, and clearly remember wondering about things I didn’t fully understand, and doing weird things to find out what would happen.

Like...  When I was really young, maybe four or five, I thought the KFC bucket had real chicken in it, and I wondered how they got in in there. I loved watching the bucket turn around.

When I was about ten, I wanted to dig up lost treasure, so I buried a small box of plastic trinkets, then at a later date dug it up. I remember thinking how dirty everything was. lol

As a child one of the things I wanted to be was an archaeologist. One day I found a dead mouse, and buried it so I would have bones to dig up. I never did find the mouse and was really disappointed.

When I was about twelve, my grandfather shot a skunk, buried it, then told my cousin and I to leave it alone. Me being the archaeologist, I dug it up. My grandfather was not impressed, and my mother even less, I stunk for days!

I think about this now, and think….go girl go!


I wouldn’t change a thing.

Anyone else remember doing silly things as a child?


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  1. Haha, love it!
    I have a lot of good memories, worst of the best must be when my grandad fooled me into believing that dry sheeps poo was chocolate! I remember him laughing so hard that he couldn’t stand, and me being really angry.

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