Daily Prompt: In A Crisis


Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

Well I’d like to think I’d be level headed and cool, like the strong heroine in a good movie. But in reality who knows, I’ve never had to face a really serious situation, or one that involved emergency services.

I can remember a few episodes as a child that I suppose could be considered a crisis. I will give an example of the more animated production.


When my sister and I were about ten and twelve, we drove the  yellow truck to see an old cemetery next door to our property. Yes, I was driving the truck, farm kids learned early in those days.

We thought it was a cool, creepy place to explore. While walking around, we began to notice wood ticks crawling on our shoes. Swatting at them, and realizing this wasn’t a good idea, we junped back into the truck and headed home.

Things were going fine until we noticed the bugs crawling all over our legs and feet. I remember both of us freaking out and screaming, the truck zig-zagging crazily. For some reason there was an old kitchen knife in the truck, and we used it to try and cut the little monsters while they were still on our legs, and with the truck still moving.

So with this being said, I’d have to say I’m really not sure how I’d respond to a real crisis, as long as it doesn’t include flesh eating bugs, I might do just fine.


Still there but not running.

Have a great day everyone!


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