Top 10 Things Cats Do When We Are Sleeping


Those of us who love cats, know they have attitude, whether they admit it or not. Some days they are jerks, and other days the most lovable creatures on earth. Either way we love them.

They own us, not the other way around, the sooner we admit to it the better.

  1. They chew on your toothbrush. The saliva on your brush tastes like chewing gum to them, and the bristles also help to clean their teeth. 
  2. They open the cupboard door, take the top off the butter dish and lick it, leaving long track marks. In the morning you are too bleary-eyed to notice, thinking it was your kid playing with a knife.
  3. They puke up hair balls in the exact spot you will stand to make coffee. You are so sleepy, it feels like last nights spaghetti you dropped on the floor.
  4. They explore the inside of the cupboard, in hopes there is a bag of food they can gnaw their way through. Not finding one can be depressing, so they sit with the door open waiting for a miracle to run by, hopefully there isn’t one.


5. They play with the remote, cruising the Food Network, thinking it would be a great idea if you weren’t so cheap, and sprung for a 3D TV.


6.  They play dress-up on a regular basis,


…and are so exhausted they take yet another nap.


7.  They choose to sleep in odd places because they can, and, when there is a shortage of water, they will be in control, like always.

Silly Bean taking a nap.

8.  They drink too much, then pass out in the kitchen, instead of under the couch, where puke would be less obvious.

bean drunk

9.  They give the dog treats to eat they’ve carefully selected from the litter box, because cats know dogs are dumb. And if they aren’t allowed to use the toilet, they can at least play with the paper.


10.  They play stupid games with the dog, like stack-em.101

Everyone’s  cat is a bit different, but they all have one thing in common

They are all control freaks, and don’t care if we don’t like it.


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