Molly Monday: West Highland Terrier Gazette


Hi everyone, it’s me Molly….020

This past week has been nice because my mom has spent every day with me, and I really love that.

My brother Beanie was a jerk a few days ago; he barfed on the carpet and dad stepped in it with his bare feet, and he said some weird sounding words. Stupid cat, he never listens to me. When he did it I told him he would get in trouble, but he kind of laughed at me; “you little sissy dog, I told him you did it”…grrrrr…. I was so mad when he said that, I could chew on his head.

He told me there was a treat in the litter box that tasted good, so I dug around in it for awhile. Mom said I was gross, but she still kissed me later, hahah…

I like to eat broccoli and peanut butter, sometimes they call me sausage dog.

Facts About Westies

They will enjoy doing anything with you, couch surfing, walking, running.

As long as they are with you, they will be happy.


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