Daily Prompt: Teachers Pet


Growing up I had a couple teachers I thought were amazing, and also a couple I thought should have had a one way ticket to the firey pits of hell.

When I was in high school I had an art teacher who I have fond memories of. Mr. Wyper was a tall man with grey-white hair, very tall, and always wore a white lab coat. I remember him always being very supporative, even when we made things that looked like our dog had done it. He would give us guidance when we needed it and sometimes when we didn’t, but always with respect. His coaching skills were the best.

JAN 8 2012 024 This photo is poor quality, sorry, I found it in an old year book. Thanks Mr. Wper, for being the kind of teacher kids deserve to have.

And now we get to the two teachers who made an impact on me for other reasons.  Out of respect for their remaining family menbers I’ll leave their names out.

I had a grade one teacher who loved to pick on the less popular kids, mainly farm kids. For some reason she liked most of the kids that came from town, and the higher ranking families, if you know what I mean.

She was a large woman with white hair, who had a fake smile she wore like a halloween mask. She didn’t like me, so I got the sneering, cold look. I can remember one day when we were writing a test, I was sitting in my desk, turned around to look at her, and she said,”if you look at me like that one more time I will strap you” nice…. right up there with the evil step mother sort of thing. A great first impression for a little kid to have. I do remember one good thing about her, she made candy apples at halloween I thought were the best.

Then there was the evil bitch in grade two, who I watched slap a boy on the back of the head, and sent me to stand in the corner for telling a joke. Oh, and I almost forgot, her breath smelled like rotting corpses. I had this teacher for four years, it seemed like an eternity.

I’d like to think that teachers like these last two, wouldn’t make it in todays world…. we can only hope.

All in all, we do become stronger with each experience we have, even if it’s just to remember candy apples.


Have a great day everyone!


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  4. Teachers, both good and bad, have such an influence on our lives, don’t they? And “teachers” continue to show up throughout our lives, yes? Very nice post — loved it!

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