Daily Prompt: Use It Or Loose It


Dream Store

What would happen if you could go to a store and buy or rent your dreams?  There would be categories under sex, food, happy, sad, absolutely everything. How amazing would that be?

You and only you would get to choose where you will go and what you will see. All you have to do is have the courage and will power to go to the end of the dream once you have made your choice. It is perhaps the most amazing experience you will ever have, one I’m sure you will want to repeat over, and over again.

There is one category labeled “miscellaneous”, which is for the individuals who don’t want to commit to any one thing in particular, people who want to taste everything all at once. The adrenalin seekers, those who seem to thrive on sheer chaos. There is only one draw back; this category comes with a warning. “This dream may have side effects of prolonged anxiety” That’s all it says. The rest is up to the one making the choice to figure it out.

Many of the dreams we have are so disjointed we would never in a million years want to repeat them, or care to wonder why we had them in the first place. They are bits and pieces of things we did today and things we experienced many, many years ago. Sometimes its things we have not done yet but we would have no way of knowing that, how could we? Colors, faces, and feelings flash through at the speed of light, each only lasting a fraction of a second; a menagerie of being.

Some of the most popular selections are duplicates, dreams which you have had and want to repeat.

Every once in a while your mind creates a picture show so unique and remarkable you would do anything to go back. Images from your past, which tug at the very life of you wanting to breathe again. The dreams are so intense, some of them terrifying. There are people who say we don’t dream in color, or we can’t have the same one twice. Some are so terrifying, especially the ones that include family members and we are trying to escape something horrible. “I thought we’d never come back from that one” It’s a powerful thing that has happened to you when words like this give you the cold sweats.

Many people say dreams are the minds way of telling the brain we have unfinished business. Maybe it’s a subtle way of letting us know its “OK” to go back. Everyone knows it’s impossible to really change things, but what if we could go back in our dreams and make things seem different. Not really change them but rather trick our minds into thinking we had done things differently. Would we be more content with different aspects of our life now? It’s hard to say if we would or no, we will never know until we take the risk.

This place isn’t meant to be entertainment, but rather it allows us to embrace images that had the power to cross over.

Impressive, scary, intriguing? All of the above for sure. So how do we get to this store of dreams?

Just close your eyes and let go


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