I spent January of 2012 at my mom’s place in saskatchewan, the week was beautiful and sunny.


Near the backyard, where railway tracks used to be.


Part of the old fair grounds next to mom’s farm.IMG_3658

Mom is 83 and goes for a stroll each day, no matter what the weather.IMG_3548

And of course there was no shortage of cats.


It was just a little nippy, my arm wasn’t quite long enough to hold the camera.

July 1st (2)

I did an outdoor market on Canada Day, July 1st.


In the fall I did the zombie walk in Mission, BC ( I’m on the extreme right) to promote the Haunted Mansion 10 days of Terror


I had more fun than you can possibly imagine.


I was a pregnant zombie mother… on the right. :0)

It has been a great year, in December I stopped working for awhile so i can devote time to my art, writing… and of course blogging… so see you soon!


About Marilyn Davies

Vegan, hippie, artist, gardener, baker, cook, the list goes on. I share the castle, with Paul my husband. He supports my endless ventures in art, and has the coffee machine on when I get home from work; we share the space with Molly the Westie and Beanie the orange tabby. Much of my free time is in the kitchen, creating tasty plant based meals for myself, I'm always experimenting. I help support a farm sanctuary in Ontario, http://www.estherthewonderpig.com/ Stay tuned...

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