Mr. Grumpy


And yet another funny from work.
At the store right now we have large dog beds that look kind of like a leather chair. It is low to the ground, quite nice looking, with short wooden legs, just like a real chair….”like” a real chair, that’s the hint.
A rather large man sat in the dog bed and broke one of the legs off, and damaged the frame. He then got irritated with one of the associates and told her we should have warned him it was dangerous, lol…… it took all of us quite awhile to stop laughing.
And if by some randome chance of the universe, YOU, reading this are the person who broke the chair, thanks a million, we can never laugh too much!


About Marilyn Davies

Vegan, hippie, artist, gardener, baker, cook, the list goes on. I share the castle, with Paul my husband. He supports my endless ventures in art, and has the coffee machine on when I get home from work; we share the space with Molly the Westie and Beanie the orange tabby. Much of my free time is in the kitchen, creating tasty plant based meals for myself, I'm always experimenting. I help support a farm sanctuary in Ontario, Stay tuned...

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